About REPS Fitness


Do Something Great Today

Some say always take the path less taken. I did that 12 years ago when I started my fitness journey. Make that leap, plant that seed, take that path less taken and never turn back. Explore greatness.


REPS Fitness is a family owned and operated. I started my fitness journey 12 years ago. Learning many things along the way and challenging myself on a regular basis. That regular challenge turned into a regular self accomplishment. 

My goal is to bring that mindset and sense of accomplishment to each and every client that joins my program. Not only will you be challenged on a regular basis but you will get that sense of accomplishment, progression and physical change you are looking for. 


Low Start up and Price Lock.

Every package has a lowerstart up price that can lock you into a low monthly rate. Pick the package that fulfills your fitness needs. 


Always There to Help

As an Online Coach and Personal Trainer I am available 24/7. Message and I will assist asap. I use a special training app that you download directly onto your phone. This makes meal planning and routine delivery very easy and effective. 

Personal Training at a Private Facility

1 on 1 Personal Training at a private facility. Just you and your trainer working on your goals.

Regular Workouts

You won't just be working out at the gym with me you'll be completing at home routines  and/or  tracking  routines  at  the  gym as well. When you join my program you get access to Trainerize. Trainerize gives the client and trainer constant connectivity. Routines are delivered through the app and each one can be tracked. As your trainer I can see everything you track. Macros from myfitnesspal, reps/sets, even your heart rate from your fit bit.